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Meet Our Staff

Committed to Instilling Faith into All Congregants

At St. George, our staff consists of intellectual individuals that are committed to providing exceptional service to our growing community. They are the faces behind the daily upkeep of the Church and the reason behind our ability to smoothly run our events and services.

2021-2022 Executive Board

Vice President – Mr. Shajan John
Secretary – Mr. Roy Skariah
Jt. Secretary – Mr. James George
Treasurer – Mr. Skariah Mathew
Jt. Treasurer – Mr. Alexander Kunjukunju
Auditor – Mr. Paulose Chenattu

Managing Committee Members

Mr. Raju Abraham
Mr. Peter George
Mr. Anish Jacob
Mr. Aby Kuriakose 
Mr. Varghese Paul (Sanju)

Spiritual Organizations Coordinators

St. Paul’s Prayer Fellowship – Mr. Anish Jacob

St. Mary’s Women’s League – Mrs. Anjana Peter, Mrs. Asha Gigy
Prayer Meeting – Mrs. Suma Varughese
Picnic – Mr. Aby Kuriakose, Mr. Georgie John, Mr. Roy Chirackal, Mr. Gigy Baby
Family Night – Mr. Peter George, Mrs. Asha Gigy
Christmas Carol & ECFNJ – Mr. Peter George, Mr. James George, Mrs. Asha Gigy

Website and Social Media – Ms. Sairah Varughese, Mr. Jobi Varghese, Ms. Evelyn Gigy

Delegates for Youth and Family Conference – Chev. Abraham Mathew, Mr. Raju Abraham, Mr. James George, Ms. Sairah Varughese

2020-2022 Youth Executive Board

Secretary – Ms. Sairah Varughese, Mr. Reuben Kanyan
Treasurer – Mr. George John

Events Coordinator – Mr. Sachin John, Mr. Henry Chirackal, Mr. Joshua John

Spiritual Chair – Ms. Serin Varughese, Ms. Alina George
Newsletter Editor – Mr. Dennis Roy

Staff: Staff
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